Our Issues

Economy – Support for jobs, industry development, coal economy solutions; infrastructure investment; livable wage; pay equality; broadband expansion, especially to rural areas.

Education – Support for public education, including early childhood; emphasis on critical thinking; increased teacher salaries; free vocational education and community college; support for STEM, especially for women and minorities.

Energy and Environment – Support for green spaces; safeguarding the EPA mission; clean air and water; land conservation/land use planning; recycling; climate change science; beautification/green space preservation; alternative energy, including community-owned renewable energy grids.

Equality – Opposition to racism and xenophobia; support for more diverse leadership; racial/LGBT/gender equality.

First Amendment Protection – Fight for freedom of the press; separation of church and state; religious freedom.

Gun Safety – Advocate for common-sense gun laws, Second Amendment reform.

Health Care – Universal health care, including access to affordable care, especially in under-served areas; Medicaid expansion; reproductive rights/family planning; mental health parity and access to services; treatment for opioid and other addictions.

Immigration – Uphold rights of immigrants and refugees and support them in our communities; comprehensive immigration reform.

Political Reform – Accountability and transparency; increased vetting of candidates; more diverse representation, including by race, gender, and age; campaign finance reform.

Voting Rights and Reform – Fight voter suppression; improved voter education; expanded voting opportunities; redistricting reform; increasing voter turnout.