Please consider making a donation to our committee. We rely on donations to pay fixed costs for office space, election materials, booth rentals at local events, and other incidentals.

Giving Online

We accept donations online through ActBlue. ActBlue helps many Democratic campaigns nationwide raise money.

Give Now

You will have the option to make a recurring donation. We love recurring donations, because they help us make a long-term budget. Please consider making your donation monthly when prompted.

Giving by Check

Our strong preference is for donations through ActBlue. While it is true that giving via credit card incurs some fees that giving by check does not, ActBlue’s fees are minimal and they help us keep our reporting simple. Checks save us a small amount of money but require more paperwork and bookkeeping.

If you would prefer to give by check for other reasons, please contact for a mailing address and donation guidelines. We are required to collect certain information whether those donations happen through check or credit cards, and our Treasurer can help make sure everything is handled properly.