Get Involved

Interested in helping?

Below are some ways you might get involved with the county party, but there are many others. Please fill out our contact form today so we can let you know about upcoming opportunities. 

Serve on the committee

As a member of the committee you will be involved with conducting the business of the Party locally, and will represent your voting precinct at monthly MCDC meetings.  The meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm.  

Become a Precinct Captain

As a precinct captain you will serve you will serve in one of the most critical roles in growing the Party and winning elections.  You will build and maintain MCDC membership within the district, recruiting and motivating volunteers, scheduling and overseeing voter contact events (phone banks, canvasses, voter registration drives), using these events to support Democratic candidates, coordinating Election-day precinct volunteers, and overseeing GOTV operations within the district.

Become a District Chair

As a district chair you will oversee the precinct captains in your district, providing guidance and training to them as they grow their local teams and get prepared for Election Day.

Volunteer for a sub-committee

As a volunteer for the Technology, Operations, Outreach, or Finance sub-committee, you will attend monthly meetings of your committee and provide assistance to the committee as needed.

Volunteer for campaigns

We are always looking for volunteers to help support the candidates by phone banking, canvassing door-to-door, or registering voters.  If you are interested in campaign work please join the Operations Committee or contact Jenni Gallagher at

Volunteer for events

You can help raise awareness of MCDC by volunteering to staff one of our booths at a local festival or helping coordinate an event.  If you are interested in helping with events please join the Outreach Committee or contact Jessica Bennett at