Montgomery County Virginia Democrats

About MCDC

The Montgomery County Democratic Committee exists to elect top quality candidates for county, state and federal offices. The committee is also responsible for conducting the business operations of the Party at the county level. This includes the determination of the methods of electing our Democratic candidates and overseeing the committee budget and expenditures.

​In Virginia, every year is an election year. So we have to start early and work diligently and cooperatively to ensure victory for Democrats. A strong local organization can be the difference between winning elections and losing them.

Please lend your talents and time to our local Committee. That way we can keep moving Montgomery County, Virginia, and the country forward. Joining the MCDC provides an amazing opportunity to not only make a difference in your community, but also work with a wonderful group of like-minded people. We hold regular social gatherings, seminars and information sessions, and annual Party events, and participate in neighborhood festivals.

We hope you’ll join us. Start by liking our Facebook page, where we announce all of our upcoming events.​ And complete and submit our Volunteer form to get involved with other Montgomery County Virginia Democrats!


  • Economy – Support for jobs, industry development, coal economy solutions; infrastructure investment; livable wage; pay equality; broadband expansion, especially to rural areas.
  • Education – Support for public education, including early childhood; emphasis on critical thinking; increased teacher salaries; free vocational education and community college; support for STEM, especially for women and minorities.
  • Energy and Environment – Support for green spaces; safeguarding the EPA mission; clean air and water; land conservation/land use planning; recycling; climate change science; beautification/green space preservation; alternative energy, including community-owned renewable energy grids.
  • Equality – Opposition to racism and xenophobia; support for more diverse leadership; racial/LGBTQ/gender equality.
  • First Amendment Protection – Fight for freedom of the press; separation of church and state; religious freedom.
  • Gun Safety – Advocate for common-sense gun laws, Second Amendment reform.
  • Health Care – Expanded health care availability, including access to affordable care, especially in under-served areas; Medicaid expansion; reproductive rights/family planning; mental health parity and access to services; treatment for opioid and other addictions.
  • Immigration – Uphold rights of immigrants and refugees and support them in our communities; comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Political Reform – Accountability and transparency; increased vetting of candidates; more diverse representation, including by race, gender, and age; campaign finance reform.
  • Voting Rights and Reform – Fight voter suppression; improved voter education; expanded voting opportunities; redistricting reform; increasing voter turnout.

Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.
John F. Kennedy